Arti Ross Kelso


Arti Ross Kelso

Arti creates sacred space for individuals and groups to drop into the Infinite Self.

Arti has a great love for empowered learning, and she offers programs and trainings for those new to the yogic approach to life as well as to advanced practitioners seeking applications in day to day life. She has a particular affinity to those applying yogic wisdom in the field of massage and bodywork.

Arti is a gifted integrative healing arts therapist herself, licensed and practicing therapeutic massage in New York State since 1980 and Massachusetts since 1985.

Her hands on approach combines the power of presence and compassion with skillful therapeutic massage and energy balancing techniques to provide a unique and powerful opportunity for healing

Arti’s passion is helping to empower others to experience their own innate healing potential and gifts through the direct experience of free flowing prana, or life force. She opens to, honors and celebrates the multiple dimensions of being human with all those she works with.

Arti integrates mindfulness practices, breath work, conscious and compassionate communication, whole foods eating, movement and exercise, hands on awareness practices into all facets of her work with individuals and groups.

Arti’s private healing work is indescribable, but in her attempts to describe what spontaneously emerges from her according to the needs of her clients and the movement of Spirit, she says, “I use a range of traditional massage therapy techniques, various yogic and energetic healing methods, vibrational medicine, earth centered healing arts as well as my life experience as a longtime yogini, household herbalist, and community advocate.”