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For those seeking optimal wellness in their day-to-day life, I will help co-create simple, effective practices to suit your unique constitution, temperament, and lifestyle, as well as your current state of wellness and motivation. This approach allows you to design a strategy for daily living that is both personal and sustainable, with dramatic and lasting results. Recommendations are also given for self-care, complementary care, and group support.

I have found presence and compassion to be powerful tools for healing. For many years I have worked with individual clients, both as a massage and energy work therapist, as well as a mentor and counselor.  I have found that specific techniques are simply a doorway into the profound transformation available to any one of us when we drop into the moment with compassionate self-observation.

I offer several doorways into the transformational journey for individuals, including:

Sustainable Wellness Lifestyle Consultations (in-person or online)
A signature Sustainable Wellness Lifestyle Consultation offers you an opportunity to explore your current lifestyle, to bring awareness to the areas that are in and out of balance, and to transform your life in the areas that most need support.

The great thing about an individual consultation is you start wherever you are.

Whether you are working with a chronic condition, habitual patterns that no longer serve, or want to strategize a plan for maintaining a balanced life, you can invite positive change into your life and experience the freedom of sustainability.

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultations (in-person or online)
Similar to a Sustainable Wellness Lifestyle Consultation, the Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation provides you with a deeper understanding of your life and wellness from the Ayurvedic viewpoint. For those new and curious about Ayurveda, for those already familiar with the yogic tradition, or for those who want to apply Ayurvedic wisdom in their own lives, this consultation will support you in going deeper into this ancient healing art and science from the Vedic tradition.

Massage and Bodywork Mentoring

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Private Yoga Mentoring

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Ceremony and Ritual

Ritual: A conscious intention to awaken spirit

Ceremony and Ritual are ways of creating sacred space to drop into the Infinite Self. From this place of deep connection, with presence and compassion, we can align with innate wisdom, and experience the transformation of conscious intention.

Ceremony and ritual have the potential to bring meaning and enthusiasm to those who participate. Enthusiasm comes from the Greek, en theos, and means “filled with god.” I have had a life-long love of meaningful ritual and I have been honored to participate in many natural rituals around birth and death, countless rites of passage ceremonies, a diverse array of spiritual and religious rituals, and traditional earth-centered ceremonies. These have varied from very simple and spontaneous, to quite complex and elaborate with ancient historical lineage.

I have officiated weddings, and guided “blessing ways” for new mothers, welcoming ceremonies for babies, and girls’ and boys’ “coming-of-age” rituals.  I have supported and co-created ceremonies for life passages, including those honoring the transformation of women moving through menopause, shared community Full Moon Circles, as well as private rituals, (e.g. a woman burning decades of her journals). The opportunities are endless.

If you are in transition, or an area of your life is in need of conscious acknowledgement, perhaps a ceremony or ritual is called for.

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I did not know Arti before I won a gift certificate for her services... and I thoroughly enjoyed the way she worked. She gave me a breathing technique that helps me meditate to this day. It is so amazing how something so simple can be so powerful. Although it is over a year ago that we met and worked together, the techniques still help. I am in her gratitude for the gentle and sensible suggestions she has made to my well being.

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