Transformational Bodywork &
Hands-on Healing Sessions


Most of us need support to maintain and sustain high-level wellness, and hands on sessions can be a regular part of your self-care regime.

Whether it has been a week, a month, a year, or a lifetime, hands on sessions can offer a wellness jumpstart. This transformational approach will help you find your way back to center after a period of imbalance, or help you maintain and refine the balance and integration you have already created.

My role in hands on sessions is to hold sacred space for you to drop into the body and the Infinite Self. From this place of deep connection, presence, and compassion, I offer support in aligning with your innate wisdom and in transforming through awareness.

Every session is unique and draws from a rich background in yogic and shamanic healing arts, contemplative practices, and a wide range of modalities, including invocation, masterful therapeutic massage, and energetic healing methods (including vibrational and sound healing).*

*See Meet Arti page for a complete list of certifications, training and advanced therapeutic skills

I welcome my clients to come with unique and individualized intentions. In the past, these have included:

  • Dropping into profound and deeply healing relaxation in the physical body
  • Creating safe space to explore, through the body, an area in need of transformational healing.
  • Finding peace and stillness within, in the midst of a fast paced, multi- tasking lifestyle and culture
  • Being present with recent loss, illness, grief, or trauma
  • Integrating life experiences, creative processes, and transitions

When addressing these intentions in a private session, we may focus on symptoms in the physical body, or in the emotional or psycho-spiritual dimension.  Very often exploration through one area brings awareness to all the other aspects of being a whole human being.

Arti is a such a great resource! Over the years I’ve known her I’ve been both a client & a student and can tell you, with her you are getting something precious; seasoned professional with decades of
real personal experience.

Jennifer Katz