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Ceremony and Ritual

Ritual: A conscious intention to awaken spirit

Ceremony and Ritual are ways of creating sacred space to drop into the Infinite Self. From this place of deep connection, with presence and compassion, we can align with innate wisdom, and experience the transformation of conscious intention.

Ceremony and ritual have the potential to bring meaning and enthusiasm to those who participate. Enthusiasm comes from the Greek, en theos, and means “filled with god.” I have had a life-long love of meaningful ritual and I have been honored to participate in many natural rituals around birth and death, countless rites of passage ceremonies, a diverse array of spiritual and religious rituals, and traditional earth-centered ceremonies. These have varied from very simple and spontaneous, to quite complex and elaborate with ancient historical lineage.

I have officiated weddings, and guided “blessing ways” for new mothers, welcoming ceremonies for babies, and girls’ and boys’ “coming-of-age” rituals.  I have supported and co-created ceremonies for life passages, including those honoring the transformation of women moving through menopause, shared community Full Moon Circles, as well as private rituals, (e.g. a woman burning decades of her journals). The opportunities are endless.

If you are in transition, or an area of your life is in need of conscious acknowledgement, perhaps a ceremony or ritual is called for.

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