Optimal Wellness Lifestyle Strategies supports organizations and their clientele in achieving sustainable wellness. Learn to:

  • Enjoy deeper self-awareness
  • Invite positive change into your life 
  • Experience the freedom of sustainability.
…the benefits of which are profound!

What This Means for Your Organization:

  • I will listen to and assess your group’s needs and goals, with the intention to support you in finding sustainable wellness on every level.
  • I will develop, design and deliver health and wellness programs that are both sustainable and transformative.
  • I will create this programming or training based on your intentions and needs, for in house use, or to offer to your clientele.
  • I will implement these programs myself or provide seasoned experiential educators to deliver your uniquely created program, or group offering.
  • I can also train in-house facilitators to offer your sustainable wellness solutions long after I am gone. How is that for sustainable?

In terms of content, I will co-create attainable and accessible practices that make sense for the unique needs and goals of you and your clients.

I may draw from predesigned curriculums for programs and trainings, including complementary-care programs, mind-body practice groups, or sustainable wellness support groups.  I can also offer creatively tailored and custom-designed wellness offerings for your organization or your clients.

Explore how your organization can benefit from customized sustainable wellness programming by contacting Arti today.

Body, Mind and Beyond Programan offering for your clients

When we are more balanced in ourselves, we are more productive in our work and our lives. This program offers practical techniques to reduce stress and anxiety in its many forms.

You will be empowered and supported to create and sustain optimal wellness in your day-to-day life using:

  • Conscious breathing
  • Mindful self-observation
  • Compassionate communication skills
  • A sane approach to eating well for who you are
  • Exercising in alignment with your constitution and intentions

In my 30 years of teaching and training practitioners in the health and wellness field I have observed that those who succeed personally and professionally do so, in part, because they take on the transformation that occurs when we embrace healthy lifestyle practices and live them day to day.

This training applies the “Practice of Being Present”, and the “Transformation through Awareness” models encouraging a truly sustainable experience of health and wellbeing.

Sustainable Wellness Support Group ... a community development offering for your organization

There is immense benefit in community support when taking on lifestyle changes. In Sustainable Wellness Support Groups you will experience the power of working in a group, learning from other group members, creating supportive community, and generally experiencing that company can be stronger than willpower. I support people in accessing their own innate healing life force by helping them develop a variety of body-mind skills and practices.

Integrating traditional yogic wisdom and the essential principles of healthy living, groups explore specific tools to bring balance and increase joy and vitality.   As a participant you are guided in developing deep listening and in discovering sensible health practices that succeed because they are personalized for who you are and what truly integrates into your life.

Explore how your organization can benefit from customized sustainable wellness programming by contacting me today

Arti is a kind and wise teacher who blends knowledge of Ayurveda with practical wisdom, humor, and personal anecdotes. She helped us make a plan for sustainable wellness that was personal and achievable by guiding us through a variety of wonderful, useful exercises.  We learned how to clarify our intentions, set specific goals, and foresee what support we will need to achieve these goals.  Arti created an environment of compassion and trust that allowed me to reflect without fear or judgment, participate in new practices without self-consciousness, and go forth with confidance in my ability to create optimal wellness. I am deeply grateful.

Eliza Armstrong,
New Jersey