Program Design & Delivery


Enjoy deeper self-awareness, invite positive change into your life, and experience the freedom of sustainability.

Choose from existing or custom designed programs for your organization or your clientele.

Custom Designed Programs

Optimal Wellness Lifestyle Strategies can design curriculum based on your intentions and needs for creating sustainable wellness support for in house use or to offer to your clientele.

I can design, implement, and provide seasoned experiential educators to deliver your uniquely created program, or group offering.

I offer custom programming for organizations, businesses or groups, including but not limited to:

  • Wellness Centers
  • Yoga Centers
  • Massage Schools and Conferences
  • Healing Arts Conferences, Schools, and Centers
  • Church Groups, Synagogues and other Houses of Worship
  • Hospice Training Programs
  • Schools, Colleges, Universities
  • Corporate Wellness Programs
  • Lifestyle Support Programs for Medical offices or Practices
  • Spiritual Communities and Retreat Centers
  • Nature Centers and Naturalist Communities
  • Special Events at Resorts


Currently Available Programs

These programs can be offered in one day, weekend, or longer formats.  Workshops and programs are offered throughout the year, are open to the public, or designed for special interest groups.  I can also provide an optional evening of music, and chanting with my husband Mark Kelso.



Finding Peace and Freedom in Sustainable Wellness

Come explore the interplay between body, mind, and consciousness, and learn what it really takes to thrive as an integrated, balanced, and vibrant human being. I will offer tools to help you:

  • Slow down and come home to your essential self
  • Bypass the habitual ways you avoid your true nature
  • Accept the truth about yourself, allowing a deep letting go to happen naturally
  • Listen to the wisdom of your body
  • Take home a simple, personalized set of dietary and lifestyle practices.

This program integrates traditional yogic wisdom and the essential principles of healthy living, leaving you empowered and supported to create and sustain optimal wellness in your day-to-day life. Informed by the ancient systems of yoga and Ayurveda, this program helps you discover sensible health practices that succeed because they are personalized for who you are and what works in your life.

Beyond Boundaries: An Exploration of Ethics in Bodywork*

Deepen your understanding of the therapeutic relationship, professional boundaries, and multi-dimensional client rapport.

  • Explore the “container” we create to hold our clients in non-ordinary states of consciousness.
  • Create an open and safe environment to discuss sexuality and bodywork
  • Practice collaborative decision-making with real life ethical dilemmas

Come prepared to learn practical applications and experience personal transformation. You'll leave with a personal Code of Ethics that will grow with you.

* This program can be adapated for any branch of Healing Arts practitioners

Lotions, Potions, Hands on Motions: Making your own Organic Herbal Massage Products*

When you put an oil or lotion on your skin, your body literally “drinks it up.” Similarly, when you touch another, the quality of your being is imbibed. In this session, we will create superior quality massage oils, and creams in an atmosphere of self-nurturance and relaxation. Share healing touch while adding value to the massages you offer. All will take home an organic herbal oil or cream, along with the skills to make them at home.

*This experiential program is available with or without a professional massage therapy focus. It has been used at herbal conferences as well as at massage schools, conferences and trainings.

Kripalu Bodywork Training

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Spirit Medicine: Exploring the Heart of Hands on Healing

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Energy Balancing

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The Heart of Ethics for Healing Arts Practitioners

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Radical Rapport: The Sacred Contract of the Therapeutic Relationship

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Couples Massage Retreat

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Compassionate Communication

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Grounded Sensitivity: Radical Self Care for Caregivers

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Arti is an a outstanding guide to connect to a path of wellness and of building your own life force. She ran an amazing workshop. It was a gift to have her presence in our lives. She was thoughtful with those of us based in the main-stream world. Arti can help you connect to a greater source of life.

Maureen Greenwood
Washington D.C.